Meeting Presentation Videos

This list contains videos of presentations at the Guild's regular monthly meetings.

These presentations are generally given by a member of the professional woodworking community and cover a wide range of topics of general interest to the Guild membership.

In order to view the particulars of the presentations in this list, make sure you are logged in with a current member's username and password, and you may then click any one of the items below to see a page with details about the presentation and have ability to watch the associated video.  The general public may see this list, but they will be unable to drill down into an item's details.

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Date Presenter Title
2017-10-17 Mark Spagnuolo Some secrets of "The Wood Whisperer
2017-09-19 Jerry Madigan Manufacturing Bamboo Fly Rods
2017-08-15 Doug Wilson One Seed Juniper
2017-07-18 Multiple Tool Sharpening Workstations
2017-06-20 Jim McNamee & Lindy Baer Dust, It's Problems, and Their Avoidance
2017-05-16 Mike Farrington The Japanese art of "Kumiko"
2017-04-18 Frank Livingston Scroll Saw Bowls
2017-03-21 William Manke Boxwood Pinball Machines
2017-02-21 Dan Briechle Custom Wood Drums
2017-01-17 Dan Rieple Oyster Veneering
2016-11-15 Bill Knoll Cabinet Scrapers
2016-09-20 Kevin Loyd & Dennis McCiague Wooden Bodied Planes
2016-08-16 Dennis Scheel Coopering a Water Tight Bucket
2016-07-19 Michael Springer Making a Shaving Horse from a log
2016-06-21 Wilbur Goltermann Sketchup; Japanese Architecture
2016-05-17 Mike Farrington Handcut Dovetails
2016-04-19 Kevin Loyd & Dennis McCaigue Sharpening Techniques
2016-03-15 Scott Roth History, Evolution and Practice of Marquetry
2015-11-17 Jim Brandt (Guild's 1st Pres); Benn Little from Roycroft Community The Guild's early history; The Roycroft Handicraft Community
2015-10-20 Four mini demos Four Mini Demos
2015-09-15 Bill Fox Building Greene and Greene Dining Chairs
2015-08-18 Travis Brown Angle grinders and attachments for carving
2015-07-21 Randall Marder Finishing Green & Green Furniture
2015-06-16 Garrett Brown Professional Furniture Maker
2015-05-19 Ron Diefenbacher A Lifetime of Building Furniture and Hand Tools
2015-04-21 Dana Hauschulz Building and Understanding BIG Arches
2015-03-17 1-Horace Brown; 2-Paul Seipel 1-Log Mortice and Tenon Furniture; 2-Bandsaw Setup
2015-02-17 Joe Wainright On CNC Machcines
2015-01-21 Stan Wolpert and Doug Penney Care and Use of Handplanes
2014-11-18 Lindy Baer & Kevin Loyd Lindy-"Wood Toxicity"; Kevin Loyd-"Care, Feeding and Using Cabinet Scrapers"
2014-09-16 Edward Victor Dick Guitar Making
2014-08-19 Arnold Silverman Making a Pie Crust Table
2014-07-15 Cal Noguchi, Cary Goltermann, Wilbur Goltermann Custom shaping, Beadlock Joinery, Pockethole Joinerh
2014-06-17 John Hammer Shaker Boxes
2014-05-20 Dick Boss Bow Making
2014-04-15 Paul Seipel Band Saw Tuneup and Band Saw Boxes
2014-03-18 Rich Johnson Finishes and Finishing Wood
2014-02-18 Chris Connor - Connor Wood Bicycles Manufacturing a Wooden Bicycle
2014-01-21 Dennis McCaigue Sharpening Carving Tools
2013-11-19 Ethan Hutchinson Table Design
2013-08-20 Kevin Loyd Hand Cut Dovetails
2013-07-16 Randall Marder Green & Green Finishes
2013-06-18 John Hammer Shaker Boxes
2013-05-21 Mark Klosky Building an Entry Door
2013-04-16 Jeremy Cox Custom Furniture Design
2013-03-19 Steve Anthony European Classic Furniture
2013-02-19 Rich Gady Marquetry
2013-01-15 Charles Milliser Wood Carving
2012-11-20 Brian Hubel Bent Wood Lamination
2012-09-18 Pat Morrow The Design Process
2012-08-21 Ethan Hutchinson Sculptured Furniture
2012-07-17 Viki Hennon Veneering and Parquetry
2012-05-15 Doug Borer Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods
2012-04-17 Steve Shapland Scrapers
2012-03-20 Rich Johnson Finishing
2012-02-21 Ethan Hutchinson Malloof-Style Sculptured Chairs
2012-01-17 James Cole Seat Design
2011-11-15 Charles Milliser Carving
2011-06-21 Viki Hennon Parquetry