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  •  Current Newsletter -

    The newsletter in the right column is a PDF file, and you may scroll and read it directly, if your visual acuity permits.  However you will probably prefer to view the file in full screen mode.  To do so, mouse over the icon in the very upper right hand corner of the pdf and click on the right most icon that appears like this:

  • Instructions For Making The Veterans Funeral Urn - 
    Those of you who attended the January meeting may remember the Veterans Funeral Urn made by our Treasurer Laura. Many have asked for instructions so thay can make one. Laura wrote them up as a PDF file and it can be found in the members Plans & References area. To simplify your life the instructions are to the right. Move your mouse over the upper right hand corner of the window below and click on this icon  This will get you the instructions in full screen. You can print from there.