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  • Reference material on dust protection:A number of members asked that the presentation material for the meeting presentation of June 20, 2017 on dust and your protection be made available. It has been posted in the webpages under "Members' Corner->Plans & References->Reference Materials", or you may just CLICK HERE
  • Membership forums on the website: We tried this idea a few years ago, but the participation was so low that the effort to maintain it was simply not worth it.  If there is sufficient interest, and if the membership gives me some ideas about what might be valuable to them, please step up to the plate and let me know -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Sketchup Instructional Videos are posted at Members' Corner->Guild Videos->Instructional Videos.  The videos are posted for educational purposes, and, while they may be viewed by streaming on your computer, they may not be downloaded.
  • Constitution and Bylaws as ratified at the 2016 November, 15th Membership Meeting.
    At the November Member meeting we voted in a new board. And Ratified the proposed Constitution and Bylaws. The constitution and bylaws can be viewed on the About CWG page.

  • Instructions For Making The Vererans Funeral Urn -
    Those of you who attended the January meeting may remember the Veterans Funeral Urn made by our Treasurer Laura. Many have asked for instructions so thay can make one. Laura wrote them up as a PDF file and it can be found in the members Plans & References area. To simplify your life the instructions are to the right. Move your mouse over the upper right hand corner of the window below and click on this icon This will get you the instructions in full screen. You can print from there.